The Scully Collection

Cowboy garb is, like the cowboy lifestyle, diverse in its style and in its themes. This is reflected in the Scully Collection from Bronco Bill’s. These shirts are, true to the spirit of the cowboy, hard working but fun loving, simultaneously thoughtful and rowdy. The design of these shirts reflects the duality of the cowboy lifestyle--the denim, straight lines and solid colors reflecting the more organized and human world of city life, whereas the flowing floral patterns represent the connection with nature and the natural world that cowboys feel. Below are descriptions of what makes each of these shirts unique.


Black with Red Floral Embroidered

This shirt is one of the most classic--but simultaneously innovative--cowboy shirts on the market today. Red flowers growing from stems of the most tasteful light green highlight a sleek black backdrop and will likely compliment whichever other clothes you choose to wear. The shirt, made from a polyester-rayon blend, is of medium weight--warm enough for cool winter nights but light enough for hazy summer days, which makes it not only an attractive piece of clothing but a practical investment. The buttons, laid out in groups of three along the front, add the final touches, for just the right blend of style and comfort.


Black with Silver Embroidered

This shirt reflects much of the same taste as the Black with Red Floral shirt, except that it features an even more sleek, masculine, silver embroidered pattern across the shoulders, back, and upper chest. The cuffs of the sleeves feature similar embroidery. This shirt features upward facing smile pockets, is of relaxed fit, has roping edges and also features the ‘Grouped 3s’ style of button pattern. 



Blue Cotton Denim

Nothing says cowboy like classic blue denim. This is perhaps the most classic piece of cowboy apparel there is. However, there are numerous spins to this shirt that make it considerably more comfortable and stylistically refined than other denim clothes. For example, rather than the typical rough denim feel, this shirt is engineered to be soft and comfortable on the inside--made from 100% pure cotton. The bold ‘Whip Stitch’ pattern featured extensively across the shirt is guaranteed to give outfit a more rustic and home grown feel than you might find in clothing with typical stitching patterns.


Red with Black Embroidered

This may be the most bold shirt in the Scully Collection. The bright red color of the polyester-rayon fabric conveys a sense of vibrancy, life, and passion that few other shirts can match. This flashy red is complemented by the looping black embroidery, as dark and mysterious as the soul of a lonesome cowboy on the road. This shirt is the perfect blend of beauty, functionality, and symbolism.

About Bronco Bill’s

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