How to Accessorise Like a Cowboy

There was a time not long ago when dressing and accessorizing like a cowboy here in the UK was a real challenge. Finding quality western wear this side of the Atlantic was difficult, and paying import taxes on clothes bought in the US was expensive. Nowadays, however, thanks to the UK’s one and only western wear and Americana emporium Bronco Bill’s, the only limit on your western fashion is your imagination and your sense of style. Here’s our quick guide to accessorising and dressing like a real cowboy.

  • The Boots. Perhaps the most distinguishing item that a cowboy wears—barring, of course, close competition from the hat (see the next bullet point!) Good cowboy boots are always leather, and feature either flat bottoms (for walking) or heeled-bottoms (for, you guessed it, riding.) Riding boots also tend to feature spurs—yet another distinctive cowboy accessory.
  • The Hat. Another item that is universally associated with cowboys—and that is truly indispensable to the cowboy wardrobe. Choosing the right cowboy hat for you will require careful consideration of your needs, you intended use, and, of course, your taste.
  • The Belt. A good belt can hold together your entire style—and it is especially important because it is often overlooked. A regular leather belt may do its job and hold your pants up; but it’s not going to match your boots and hat in that classic western style unless it is itself genuinely western. An authentic cowboy belt with a stylized belt buckle really sets the boys apart from the men when it comes to western wear.
  • The Jeans. Unless you plan on going all-out and investing in a par of chaps, (again, see the next bullet point), jeans will probably be your go-to pant wear. There are a lot of good reasons cowboys wore denim—it is durable and protective, and it looks great! Forget brightly colored jeans or jeans that are excessively skinny or baggy, however—cowboys typically wore traditional blue jeans.
  • Chaps For the ultimate cowboy look; chaps may be the way to go. Chaps are distinctive in style and highly recognizable, guaranteeing a unique and attention-grabbing style.
  • The Shirt. Cowboys wore a variety of shirts, mostly of the button-down variety. A great deal of those were embroidered with piping and elegant design, which reflected the variety of influences upon the cowboy—from Midwestern Americana, to the Mexican Vaquero, and even European-designed technology such as gabardine twill weaving.
  • Bandana The bandana is a rugged piece of flair that can really tie an outfit together—even as it serves a number of practical purposes such as blocking out the dust that was so ubiquitous in the western desert.

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