The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Plaid Shirts


Checks are great for an everyday shirt, and an ideal choice as move into autumn. They’re just so god damn versatile, whether you’re looking smart with a fitted and tucked number, or rocking a casual look, they’re always the go to shirt for us.

So, how should you wear yours? Let’s take a look at dos and don’ts, and how you can make the most of your checked shirt collection.

Look Great Fitted or Loose

Plaid shirts generally fall into 2 categories, fitted or loose. This will decide so much else on how you’re going to wear your shirt, so get to know your shirts, and what works for you or not. The skinnier gentleman will often need a fitted shirt to ensure that they’re not swamped in the shirt, whilst the more heavier set of us will make the looser fit their own using the tips below.

To Tuck or Not to Tuck?

That’s the question that’s had us puzzled for so many years. Do you tuck into your jeans or not? There’s really no rule here, but we often find the looser fit of shirt lends itself to tucking in to give it that bit of structure. This also works nicely if you’ve got a belt to show off too (see below). For the more fitted numbers, leaving untucked will show the cut of shirt more, so shows off the shirts features better.

Open or Closed?

Wearing open can give new life to the most old and worn of checked shirts. Rock a fitted vintage plaid shirt open with your best Skynyrd t-shirt, and you’re away. Equally, in your more traditional moments, keep it buttoned, and you can also offset with a white t-shirt.

Dark in the Winter, Pale in the Summer

In the cold winter months, keep the colours darker, and the materials thicker. In the summer, those paler cotton numbers work amazingly well for the lighter, longer days. There’s something about those dark blues, browns and reds that work so well in the cold and dark winter months.

Offset with a Great Belt and Buckle

And finally, no matter what you’re doing with your shirt, you should always consider what you’re doing with your belt. A nicely sized buckle and plain or embossed belt will really offset your shirt, and bring the whole thing together. If you’re tucking the shirt, it’s all the more important to grab a great buckle for your belt! 

That’s pretty much everything you’ll need to consider in how to wear your checked shirt - choose wisely and you’ll have a companion that will continue to work for you in years to come.